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California State Board of Pharmacy

Board Positions

Bill Number Author Title Position
AB 1751 Low Controlled Substances: CURES Database Support
AB 1752 Low Controlled Substances: CURES Database Support
AB 1953 Wood Skilled Nursing Facilities: Disclosure of Interests in Business Providing Services Support If Amended
AB 2037 Bonta Pharmacy: automated drug delivery systems Support
AB 2086 Gallagher Controlled Substances: CURES Database Support
AB 2138 Chiu/Low Licensing Boards: Denial of Application: Revocation or Suspension of Licensure: Criminal Conviction Oppose
AB 2256 Santiago Law Enforcement Agencies: Opioid Antagonist Support
AB 2409 Kiley Professions and vocations: occupational regulations Oppose
AB 2576 Aguiar-Curry Emergencies: Healthcare Support
AB 2783 O’Donnell Controlled Substances: Hydrocodone Combination products: Schedules Support
AB 2789 Wood Health Care Practitioners: Prescriptions: Electronic Data Transmission Support
AB 2859 Caballero Pharmacy: Safe Storage Products Neutral
AB 2863 Nazarian Pharmacy: Prescriptions: Pharmacy Benefit Manager: Cost Support
SB 1021 Wiener Prescription drugs Support
SB 1109 Bates Controlled Substances: Schedule II Drugs: Opioids Neutral
SB 1254 Stone Hospital pharmacies: medication profiles or lists for high risk patients Support
SB 1298 Skinner The Increasing Access to Employment Act Oppose
SB 1442 Wiener Pharmacies: Staffing Support
SB 1447 Hernandez Pharmacy: Automated Drug Delivery Systems: Licensing Sponsor/Support