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California State Board of Pharmacy

Immediate Protection Order for April 1, 2021 - June 30, 2021

To view an immediate protection order go to our License Search page (opens in new window) and look up the license of interest. Once found, click on the "More Detail" button. Immediate protection orders will appear as links within the "Public Documents" section.

Facility Licenses

Personal Licenses

Kostic, Sanja, RPH 58691, Administrative Case AC 7134
San Diego, CA
The Petition for Interim Suspension Order is issued.  Pharmacist License No. RPH 58691 issued to Sanja Kostic is suspended until a final decision on the accusation in this matter becomes effective, or until the existing interim suspension order is modified or vacated.
Effective 5/28/2021.

Miranda, Eliana, TCH 85035, Administrative Case AC 7098
Huntington Park, CA
The licensee is prohibited from engaging, either directly or indirectly, in any activity for which a pharmacy technician license is required.  This condition shall remain in effect until there is a final disposition of the criminal case or until further order of the court.
Effective 4/12/2021.

Facility Licenses