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California State Board of Pharmacy

Immediate Protection Order for January 1, 2019 - March 31, 2019

To view an immediate protection order go to our License Search page (opens in new window) and look up the license of interest. Once found, click on the "More Detail" button. Immediate protection orders will appear as links within the "Public Documents" section.

Facility Licenses


Personal Licenses

Mascareno, Jose G., EXC 21040, Administrative Case AC 6616
San Diego, CA
The licensee is restricted from practicing as a Designated Representative, as defined by Business and Professions Code section 4053, or under Designated Representative Certificate Number EXC 21040 as a condition of pretrial own recognizance release, bail, or as a condition of probation; pending the resolution of the criminal proceeding.
Effective 3/13/2019

Swift, Raymond L., TCH 11333, Administrative Case AC 6544
Hughson, CA
Interim Suspension Order Issued.  Pharmacy Technician License No. TCH 11333 issued to Raymond Lee Swift is suspended from the practice as a pharmacy technician pending the outcome of a hearing on an accusation, or otherwise, as set for in Business and Professions Code section 494.
Effective February 19, 2019.

Szkotak, Jonathan, RPH 66330, Administrative Case AC 6432
Oakland, CA
The licensee is prohibited from working as a licensed pharmacist or providing services for which a pharmacist license issued by the Board is required until the conclusion of the criminal proceeding or until the conclusion of any administrative action to be filed by the Board.
Effective 2/14/19


Facility Licenses

BMD Skincare Inc.
Canoga Park, CA
Effective immediately, BMD Skincare Inc., an entity not licensed by the Board, shall cease and desist  operating a facility under this chapter that requires licensure and practicing any activity under this chapter that requires licensure, including compounding and distributing sterile medication or nonsterile medication for nonpatient-specific distribution within California.
Effective: 2/12/2019

INFINX Pharmacy Services, LLC and affiliate Infinx Services Pvt. Ltd
San Jose, CA
Effective immediately, IPS, an unlicensed pharmacy, shall cease and desist practicing any activity under this chapter that requires licensure, including initiating the dispensing process for prescription and prescription refills and the sharing of common electronic files for any pharmacy licensed in California, including PharMerica Sacramento – PHY55912, LSC101137 and PharMerica Union City – PHY55902, LSC101134.
Effective 1/22/2019

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